DealCloud Differentiators: Target list building, automation, and notifications

For better, faster deal execution, learn how these 3 key DealCloud capabilities improve your processes for managing, leveraging, and sharing data.


Capital markets firms are becoming increasingly data-driven — and as a result, they’re focused on both what types of actionable data they want to track, and how they want it presented for easier visualization and greater clarity.

You’re probably familiar with using DealCloud to manage contacts and deal flow, but innovative firms have learned that additional types of processes can be managed more quickly and intelligently by leveraging data already logged in the DealCloud platform.

In this DealCloud Differentiator post, we’ll focus on three key DealCloud tools that will help you refine your list-building process, automate your data updates, and tailor your information-sharing based on roles and recipient preference.


DealCloud Target Builder

DealCloud Target Builder offers a simple solution for automated list-building by allowing users to create entries quickly and dynamically. Target Builder leverages your firm’s data and prior deal outcomes to create targeted lists that match exact search criteria based on the task at hand — turning firm intelligence into actionable next steps.

So whether you’re a fund manager tasked with pulling together a list of potential investors for your next fund, an investment banking analyst seeking a collection of likely buyers, or a private equity shop looking to build a pipeline of experienced hires for a portfolio company, you probably have an idea of what these lists should look like — and you certainly know the value of the lists themselves — but transforming the thought into action can feel overwhelming without the right tools. Target Builder makes it easier.


DealCloud Target Builder allows users to leverage firm data to create actionable target lists.


Key benefits

  • Quickly pull data from existing views and prior projects by querying datasets using unique filter criteria. For example, you can query a view of existing investors to create your initial target list for your next fundraiser.
  • Easily refine your datasets by previewing your target lists, then adding or removing targets as needed.
  • Protect your work with autosaved drafts, so even if you’re interrupted, you can pull your in-progress target lists exactly as you left them.
  • Reduce tedious data entry by importing targets from external Excel files with DealCloud’s bulk upload tool.
  • Save time and streamline effort by inheriting similar data from previous target entries or applying a value to all target records at once. For example, assign primary contacts to target buyers by inheriting the primary contact directly from the associated company record.


How does it work?

  1. Add targets from prior projects and existing views, or by creating a new query.
  2. Narrow qualified targets with advanced filters.
  3. Preview, edit, and populate new targets with the data you need.
  4. Share your qualified target list with partners and collaborators.


DealCloud Automations

Automations is a workflow management tool that automatically creates and edits data following actions or outcomes performed within the DealCloud platform.

Automations are built using criteria that trigger automated actions such as adding, editing, or deleting data. For example, adding a new company can trigger multiple automations, including creating a new deal record associated with that company, updating the deal status to active, and providing a notification to the deal team that a new deal has been created. Automations are key to helping you streamline workflows, reduce administrative burden, and promote data quality to elevate decision-making and deal outcomes.


DealCloud Automations allows firms to customize workflows within their pipeline management system. 


Key benefits

  • Improve business processes and workflows by automating the creation of records, tasks, and notifications.
  • Eliminate the need for manual tracking of diligence, closing, or other deal-related checklists by automatically closing tasks once the applicable action has been completed.
  • Streamline repetitive data entry and reduce administrative burden by automating data entry.
  • Maintain quality data without spending hours entering or reviewing data.


How does it work?

  1.  When users add, edits, or delete data that meets established filter criteria, DealCloud triggers an automation.
  2. The automation preforms the addition of a new record, update of existing data points, or the distribution of a notification related to the original trigger.
  3. Appropriate workflows are activated. Prior automations trigger additional, relevant automations.


DealCloud Notifications

Notifications are automated alerts that notify DealCloud users of platform activity, key dates, and to-do items. The Notifications tool allows users to create custom alerts, and also lets platform administrators build team or firmwide notifications (which users can opt in or out of, depending on their needs).

Date notifications are recurring reminders that notify users of upcoming events or lapsed dates. They can be sent up to 30 days before or after a predetermined date on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For example, a date notification can be used to send the deal team notifications of upcoming IOI due dates 7 days prior to the due date to allow the team to adequately prepare for the upcoming deadline.

Activity notifications alert opted-in users to new activity on the platform, informing them when data has been added, edited, deleted, or referenced on the site. Like date notifications, activity notifications can be distributed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as instantly once a user action has taken place. For example, the activity notifications feature can be used to send a weekly digest of meeting notes to keep the team informed of critical outcomes and details for the past week.


Key benefits

  • Keep your team on track and in the know with timely reminders of critical events, from upcoming meetings to outstanding IC approvals and lapsed contact follow-up dates.
  • Improve data quality by tracking and sharing user activity on the platform. For example, you can enable activity notifications to inform contact owners of employment changes, deal teams of deal status changes, and data admins of record creations and deletions.
  • Reduce information overload by creating notifications that are tailored to your users’ specific needs.
  • Support teamwide workflows by subscribing users to applicable notifications at the admin level.
  • Streamline knowledge sharing with customizable notification templates that share associated record details along with determining the message a user receives.
  • Make notifications informative and easily actionable by attaching template reports with supporting details and insights or attach an intermediary tear sheet to an upcoming meeting notification, to allow users to quickly access the latest details on the go.
  • Eliminate inbox clutter by opting in or out of notifications to manage the number of reminders you receive and ensure only critical and actionable notifications make it to your inbox.
  • Stay informed while on the go by enabling push notifications on your IOS or Android device and integrating DealCloud notifications in your mobile notification center.


Improve your process for managing, leveraging, and sharing data

DealCloud’s process and execution features were specifically designed to automate your manual business processes and drive better decision-making with meaningful, actionable institutional data. To learn more about how DealCloud’s solutions can assist in streamlining your processes, schedule a demo today.


Megan Francisco

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