DealCloud Differentiators: Microsoft add-ins

DealCloud’s add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word seamlessly integrate your data, processes, and workflows across sources

In today’s competitive environment, every capital markets firm needs a fast, flexible way to access data, proprietary information, and high-value reports. DealCloud helps your firm meet your users where they are — using their familiar processes and programs — by providing a suite of Microsoft add-ins via Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word.

Whether your users are in the office, on the train, or walking into their next meetings, DealCloud’s add-ins ensure that their important information is always readily available. These add-ins extend the DealCloud platform into your users’ everyday workflows by seamlessly integrating data and reporting from those sources directly into your pipeline.


What is the Microsoft Outlook add-in?

With the Microsoft Outlook add-in, your firm professionals can sync email attachments, calendar events, and other data with their corresponding companies and contacts in DealCloud, increasing firmwide transparency.

For example, if one of your users receives an email about a new opportunity and wants to add it as a deal to the pipeline, they can sync the email using the add-in so the entire firm can see how and when the conversation began. The add-in allows the user to create the deal directly from Microsoft Outlook, eliminating the need to manually input the conversation from email into DealCloud.

DealCloud’s Microsoft Outlook add-in keeps your firm’s relationship and deal data up to date with time-saving features in three key areas:

  1. Pipeline management
  2. Relationship management
    • Update information reflected in email signatures, including changes in titles or companies for existing contacts.
    • Sync meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar to DealCloud.
  3. Collaboration and productivity
    • Sync communications and assign tasks to new or existing deals directly from Microsoft Outlook.
    • Record meeting notes directly from Microsoft Outlook.


Above is an example of the Microsoft Outlook Add-In integration automatically pulling relevant details from an inbox to DealCloud.


Key benefits

  1. Increase visibility and connectivity by linking email activity to DealCloud so you can centrally store conversations within a single source of truth — giving your professionals a clear line of sight into their colleagues’ outreach and enabling more synchronized communications and fewer duplicate conversations.
  2. Reduce tedious workstreams and save time by accessing, adding, and editing data directly from Microsoft Outlook, instead of toggling between Outlook and the DealCloud web platform.
  3. Improve data accuracy by enabling your dealmakers to quickly, easily update and sync emails, calendar events, deals, and other important data into DealCloud — with just the click of a button.


What is the Microsoft Excel integration?

DealCloud’s Microsoft Excel add-in supports enhanced reporting that can be applied to your capital markets firm’s data set. Users can easily access their DealCloud data directly within Microsoft Excel, simplifying the analysis and reporting process.

The Microsoft Excel add-in pulls data directly from the DealCloud platform with the click of a button, eliminating the need to export from a web browser. Once the spreadsheet is populated, users can customize the format as needed.

The ability to link to DealCloud data through the Microsoft Excel add-in means you can generate advanced reports that include a combination of data pulled from DealCloud and native Excel formulas to produce any necessary analysis. And since the data is being pulled from DealCloud, it can be easily refreshed — as often as necessary — by simply clicking the refresh button. Once a user saves a DealCloud/Microsoft Excel report, they can populate the underlying data in seconds — ensuring their reporting and analytics are based on the very latest data updates.

Additionally, the DealCloud/Microsoft Excel add-in supports a push function to promote real-time reporting in DealCloud by dynamically updating critical KPIs in Excel in the DealCloud platform with the click of a button. The DealCloud Excel push function automatically imports data from Excel directly into DealCloud, so your firm can bypass manual processes, institutionalize valuable KPIs, and run real-time reports alongside your firm’s relationship and pipeline data.


Above is an illustrated example of the exchange of information between DealCloud and Microsoft Excel.


Key benefits

  1. Streamline reporting by consolidating historical spreadsheets into one report populated with data from DealCloud.
  2. Enhance data accuracy by applying real-time data updates to reports with the click of a button. With DealCloud as your firm’s single source of truth, the Microsoft Excel add-in will pull data directly to populate your reports — so your users won’t have to chase down disparate pipelines and work to identify the most accurate sources.
  3. Make more time for high-level work by simply refreshing pre-made reports, one reporting cycle after another — eliminating the need to create, format, and populate new spreadsheets and quarterly reports.


What is the Microsoft Word add-in?

DealCloud’s Microsoft Word add-in lets users easily create customized, branded reports, leveraging any field within DealCloud to populate them. The add-in makes it easy to quickly pull views, create charts, and format outputs with the data stored in DealCloud.

Once created, reports can be re-synced and refreshed with the latest data in DealCloud, then scheduled for automated email delivery. The Microsoft Word add-in also helps professionals access the information they need most from anywhere, at any time.


Above is an example of an intermediary tearsheet custom-built in DealCloud. 


Key benefits

  1. Access data directly from DealCloud within Microsoft Word instead of manually populating reports.
  2. Leverage Microsoft’s formatting features to pivot and organize DealCloud data.
  3. Clone existing reports to create similar outputs across various business groups and pipelines — and avoid wasting time recreating them.
  4. Create client-ready reports for a variety of use cases, such as business development or investor relations.


Seamlessly integrate Microsoft data and reporting into your pipeline

DealCloud’s suite of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word add-ins further elevate the DealCloud platform’s functionality and customizability to meet capital markets firms’ day-to-day needs. They can help your firm stay connected in today’s fast-paced environment by providing a single source of truth that’s accessible anywhere, at any time — and they reduce the amount of time required for a wide variety of time-consuming tasks, from syncing account data to generating Excel reports. By providing on-demand, advanced reporting in your preferred formats, DealCloud’s Microsoft add-ins can help your firm take its reporting to the next level.


To learn more about DealCloud and Microsoft add-in integration for your firm, schedule a demo.


Megan Francisco

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