Equilar and DealCloud:
Power relationship intelligence with market-leading executive and relationship data


The complex structure and competitive nature of today’s deal environment makes the manual entry and tracking of relationship intelligence a strategic liability. By connecting DealCloud DataCortex with Equilar’s corporate leadership database professionals gain a unified view of executive and board members across their target markets, so they can streamline prospecting, map relationships from existing contacts to target accounts, and leverage connections to facilitate meaningful introductions to spark new business.


Containing company affiliation data from more than 265,000 public and private companies and more than 500 million connections, Equilar offers the expansive information firms need to connect their network, identify connections, and win more deals.

Capitalize on relationship intelligence


Integrating Equilar data into the DealCloud platform helps firms tap into market-leading executive and relationship data to identify meaningful connections and power relationship intelligence. Using DealCloud DataCortex, dealmakers can populate DealCloud records, reports, dashboards, and tear sheets with verified contact intelligence and company affiliations driven directly from Equilar’s database of more than 1.5 million executive and board memberships.

Firms can sync executive details, board memberships, previous employment, and university connections directly into DealCloud, bolstering confidence in relationship data and accelerating business development efforts.


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What is DealCloud DataCortex?

In order to remain competitive, dealmakers need to maintain visibility into every corner of the market. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that lets capital markets professionals manage proprietary and third-party data in one unified platform and empowers them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.

Fully integrated into the DealCloud platform, DataCortex lets firms easily run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies in the same hub where they originate deals and manage relationships. DealCloud DataCortex also helps dealmaking firms make critical decisions more quickly and identify previously unknown opportunities.

Every day, DealCloud clients use DataCortex to maximize their existing technology investments, saving time and effort switching between platforms, uncovering intelligent insights into their target markets, identifying the best industry participants for their deals, and merging their own proprietary information with industry-leading third-party data to power next-level growth.

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The benefits of integrating Equilar data via DataCortex include:


  • Decreased data entry and administrative burden
  • Increased relationship data integrity
  • Optimized business development and origination efforts



  • Extended executive network and contact intelligence
  • Readily identified connections and meaningful introductions
  • Reduced research and data upkeep processes


““We know that every business is unique, and we value our clients’ distinctiveness. We chose DealCloud to help us better understand all the factors that contribute to our clients success. Through DealCloud we are able to deploy our unique and extensive processes that captures a broad universe of data and efficiently put that to work for our clients benefit.”

Max Eckstein

“In today’s private capital market, with well over $1 trillion in committed capital sitting in the coffers of private equity and venture capital funds worldwide, the ability to gather and make sense of data as quickly and as accurately as possible is table stakes. Our data, combined with DealCloud’s technologies and tools will allow customers to achieve stronger market coverage and to execute more effectively on their business development initiatives.”

Seth Sprinkle

“As a middle market lender, it’s imperative that we maintain strong relationships with both the buy- and sell-side. DealCloud DataCortex gives us a birds-eye view of ongoing developments in the market so that we can streamline and focus our deal sourcing and business development efforts.”

Jeremy Simmons

“Through the platform, we are now able to seamlessly track our sponsor coverage, current engagements and better manage workflow. The mobile application is also particularly useful when managing the business on the go. In addition, DealCloud provides a centralized repository for business intelligence expediting our processes all around.”

James McBain Allan

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