Leading Strategies for Kick-Starting M&A Deal Origination

Dec 17, 2020

Private equity, venture capital, corporations, and other acquirers are sitting on mountains of data. Most firms have decades of information regarding deals, contacts, companies, and financials to wade through every time a decision needs to be made. Those responsible for deal origination and sourcing know that, without the right tools in place, reporting on that data can be cumbersome, and in some cases can actually slow down diligence or the entire transaction.

In this webinar, DealCloud’s Emanuel Mesa (Solutions Engineer) and SourceScrub’s Josh Giglio (VP of Customer Success) will discuss the leading strategies for keeping data up-to-date and actionable. Attendees will also get an inside look at the DealCloud DataCortex, which enables investors to leverage their proprietary and third-party data from Sourcescrub all in one place.


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Emanuel Mesa
Client Solutions Architect
Josh Giglio
VP of Customer Success

Time & Date

Dec 17, 2020

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