In today’s evolving landscape, it can be a struggle to obtain new clients and grow existing relationships to remain competitive and increase profitability. Key relationship and market data are often out of date or incomplete and are frequently stored in disparate, disconnected systems. As a result, legal professionals fail to leverage their firm’s experience and internal knowledge base when strategizing, generating proposals, and handling matters.

DealCloud empowers law firms to harness their proprietary, firmwide expertise alongside third-party data sources to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. With DealCloud, marketing and business development professionals, lawyers, and practice group leaders gain a unified way to discover and cultivate meaningful relationships, monitor industry developments, and share a searchable database of previous firm experience and practice insights to win new engagements and deliver the best client experience.

From strategy to execution

Law firms rely on a number of disparate teams and practice areas to develop relationships with their clients, win new engagements, and serve these clients effectively. DealCloud offers a purpose-built solution for each team — from marketing and business development to individual practice groups and firm leadership — to work collectively to achieve positive outcomes for the firm. DealCloud serves as a single source of truth, with a full suite of tools to develop complex relationships, consolidate communications in one location, collectively pursue new business opportunities, and provide the best possible service to clients.
Legal professionals leverage DealCloud to:

  • Discover and nurture client relationships
  • Build targeted marketing campaigns
  • Establish strong alumni and referral programs
  • Build evidence of firm expertise
  • Drive competitive and win/loss analysis
  • Manage active pursuits and prospect activity
  • Create engagement workflows and assign tasks
  • Uncover insights from previous engagements and terms
  • Maintain oversight of market activity

“Grouping and analyzing information will be our growth engine. This data empowers us to go after high-value new business and expand profitable engagement with existing clients.”


Solution overview:

Relationship management

Leverage your firm’s relationship data with automated relationship capture and scoring to determine which colleagues know which contacts, and how well. Automatically source new contacts and ensure that existing contact data is up to date.

Marketing Operations

Build better, more insight-driven strategies and campaigns with streamlined list- building and multi-relational filtering to expand existing client relationships and build brand awareness.

Business Development

Easily track opportunities, build stronger pitches, and stay aligned throughout your pursuit of new business by unifying firm knowledge, relationship insights, and market intelligence — all within a central location alongside your firm’s current engagements and historical outcomes data..

Experience management

Gain full insight into firm experience with one centralized location to locate and search for lawyer, matter, and client information. Automate reports to highlight firm expertise and streamline pitch and proposal activity.

Engagement execution

When pitching for new business or actively engaging with clients, leverage DealCloud to convey the unique, relevant, and timely expertise of your firm, and to provide the best legal advice to your clients when negotiating a deal or advising on current matters.

Firm and knowledge management

Find similar matters conducted, and enrich proprietary data with third-party market intelligence, enabling the ability to monitor developments in the market, such as which terms are being standardized and what conditions are being employed in acquisition agreements.

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