CRM for Placement agents

Today’s placement agents are racing to raise capital and to provide other valuable services to dealmakers as efficiently as possible. It’s more important than ever to maintain visibility across industries and sectors to find potential investors for fund managers, and vice versa. Gone are the days of making do with generic software; instead, purpose-built software for placement agents like DealCloud systemizes limited partner (LP) and general partner (GP) relationship management, transaction, and fundraising data.


DealCloud centralizes critical proprietary and third-party data, providing firm-wide access and visibility into the data and insights required to act quickly and decisively. No matter your firm’s size, strategy, clients, or operating model, DealCloud’s placement agent software allows placement agents to access a single source of truth that simplifies relationship management, reporting, and data management to help achieve the best outcomes for fund managers, LPs, and other deal participants.

From strategy to execution

The true value of DealCloud’s placement agent software is that it was built specifically for the complexities of private placements, and with unique needs and requirements in mind. Placement agents maintain complex relationships with LPs, GPs, and potential investors. Without technology, they are at a disadvantage as they collect industry insights because those insights cannot be transformed into institutional knowledge.


In a hyper-competitive dealmaking landscape, placement agents need to maintain visibility on fundraising and capital allocation, the secondaries market, emerging markets, in addition to developments in certain industries. Best-in-class placement agents can leverage DealCloud for the following:


  • LP and GP communication
  • Fundraising and capital allocation
  • Fund monitoring
  • Investor coverage
  • Fund marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Negotiation tracking

Placement agent software features and solutions

The most successful placement agents have embraced purpose-built software to track and organize relationship activities, streamline communication, and manage the flow of fundraising data. Having fundraising-specific data housed within the same platform as the placement agent’s proprietary transaction information, due diligence materials, and documents, as well as relationship data, enables placement agents to create bespoke reports and provide fund managers and LP clients with key information at scale.


DealCloud was built with the complex relationships that placement agents execute on daily in mind. No matter what unique demands GPs and LPs have, our core software, integration layer, third-party data streams, and expert client support team will ensure your firm’s success.

Solution overview


Rolodexes and spreadsheets are no longer the best tools for the job. DealCloud’s placement agent CRM centralizes communication and relationship data and helps transform day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.

Business development

DealCloud’s placement agent software enables partners to develop and nurture relationships with fund managers so that when a GP is coming to market with a new fund, they are top-of-mind.

Pipeline management

DealCloud’s placement agent software helps placement agents transform the way they approach, track, and accelerate deals and due diligence as they move through every stage in the pipeline.

Actionable data

Placement agents need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows placement agents to manage proprietary and third–party data in one unified platform, empowering them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.


DealCloud’s integrated marketing solution, Dispatch, allows placement agents to deploy marketing campaigns with ease. Email campaign activity, performance metrics, and analytics are found within your existing DealCloud platform, which makes it easy for placement agents to gather a full and transparent view of every relationship.


DealCloud’s placement agent software enables placement agents to accelerate conflict resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform.

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Ready for a CRM that is purpose-built for placement agents?

Despite careful consideration and planning, most capital markets firms struggle to implement a CRM solution in a way that serves the firm’s needs. Many firms store vital data in unorganized or unoptimized systems. In fact, countless deal professionals find themselves wasting time on manual data entry or repetitive pipeline updates as they happen.


If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider your current CRM selection and pipeline management process.


The good news is, you’re not alone. With countless CRM migrations under our belt, we have the expertise to craft a strategy for optimizing your CRM using just a few pieces of information about your firm’s size, data, reporting needs, and workflow.


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  • Grow and maintain relationships with GPs and LPs
  • Achieve better market coverage
  • Raise capital more efficiently

  • Streamline reporting and data management
  • create better outcomes for fund managers
  • Enjoy more efficient due diligence

DealCloud differentiators

From day one of being a DealCloud client, placement agents gain access to a team of data scientists and industry experts who understand fundraising cycles, the complexities of capital allocation, and the need to maintain strong relationships with LPs, GPs, and other fund managers.


DealCloud also knows that no two placement agents are exactly alike. This is why our team will get to know your unique needs, current pain points, and existing operational challenges to identify all the ways that DealCloud’s placement agent software can create new efficiencies. Because the pipeline, relationship management and reporting needs of one placement agent may grow and change over time, we help placement agents build a central hub for all of the firm’s intelligence. With comprehensive training and onboarding programs, DealCloud provides every user with the tools they need to focus on what’s important and leave administrative burdens in the past.

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Since DealCloud’s placement agent software was built by industry experts with experience on both the sell- and buy-side, we know that not all placement agents operate in the same way. The relationship management and reporting needs of one firm may differ greatly from the next and DealCloud’s placement agent CRM software provides placement agents with the tools they need to provide fund managers with the best outcomes. By creating a single source of truth for all information regarding deals, relationships, and fundraising, DealCloud has enabled placement agents to operate more efficiently and strategically.


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“Since inception, we recognized the need to leverage best-in-class technology to best serve the evolving and dynamic needs of our institutional clients. Because we have innovative, integrated, and scalable software at our core, we have the unique ability to approach every relationship and mandate with a much more thoughtful and efficient fundraising process. This benefits not only our business, but it creates additional value for the GPs and LPs we deeply care about and represent.”

Ray Brulotte, Founder and Managing Director

“We needed a quality off-the-shelf product for managing our deal pipeline and coordinate processes among and within deal teams. DealCloud delivers the right level of functionality, and the flexibility we require to manage the dynamic selection funnel and investment work stream characteristic in making direct investments in private equity and venture capital.”

Gregory Lindae, Managing Director

“We were immediately convinced by the DealCloud platform. Thanks to its track record, the DealCloud team has demonstrated a deep understanding of our activities and our specific needs as a family office. The platform is easy-to-use and flexible, which allows it to fit in perfectly with every type of Evolem activity. With DealCloud we are aiming at better monitoring of our interactions with our contacts and improving our deal flow management efficiency.”

Maxime Boyer, Director

“When we were evaluating options for new technology, it was clear DealCloud would be able to streamline processes and workflows across our firm. The DealCloud platform is easily configurable to fit our needs and helps us drive business.”

Yarno Vanovenberghe

“We are service managers that offer more niche-type strategies than your typical direct lending. The innovative nature of these mandates means that our platforms must be equally robust. Choosing the DealCloud platform to digitally manage our capital raising efforts and institutional investor relationships was a natural fit.”

Jess Larsen, Founder and CEO

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