The 2022 DealCloud Dealmaker Pulse Survey Report


The spring 2022 edition of
the Dealmaker Pulse Survey Report is live!


Download your copy of the report for insights and data-driven analysis on dealmaking trends, including sourcing and origination,
fundraising, risk mitigation, ESG and talent challenges, and much more.



Dealmakers are saying...

“The big fundamental post-pandemic shift to real-time data is great. Dealmakers are comfortable, still getting the work done, and can operate functionally anywhere in the world. I don’t think the [fast] pace is going to change, so in order to compete, firms have to have insights in real-time to make decisions.”

Anonymous dealmaker

“One of our near-term goals is to really improve the data we have around ESG. Requests for data and intelligence from our limited partners have significantly increased. We want to be positioned to be able to easily show that information, but also show the improvements that we’re making internally.”

Anonymous dealmaker

“As a firm, we’re focused on our people building and maintaining relationships. We believe that we can outpace some of our peers and keep our team happy by getting out there and shaking hands. That said, hybrid work allows business development teams to increase volume and efficiency. That’s far too compelling to give up.”

Anonymous dealmaker

“During the summer 2021, we’ll continue to see a lot of good companies seek out private market transactions. We’ll also see a tale of two cities with the public markets and the SPAC market. For private equity, there’s inherent risk with SPACs, but SPACs remain a great way to put together a great deal and a great value-accreting outcome.”

Anonymous dealmaker

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