Software for Limited Partners: 3 Must-Have Dashboards


What kinds of software do limited partners need? Best-in-class limited partners and institutional investors watch the market diligently and manage relationships with general partners (GPs) expertly, and have long demanded greater transparency and accountability from private equity investors. Many LPs have placed an increased emphasis on environmental social good (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) … Continued

Three Dashboards Every Investment Bank Needs


Despite the wild and turbulent twists and turns that 2020 has presented, buyers and sellers still rely on intermediaries to manage the day-to-day developments of every deal ― and nothing short of the ideal outcome is acceptable. As many investment bankers are operating from their home offices at this point in time, it’s more important … Continued

Ride the Strong Performance Wave Well Into 2019 with These Two Dashboards


According to a report released by Golub Capital last week, “U.S. middle-market private companies enjoyed the strongest earnings growth in years, propelled by high demand for products and services.” Those positive numbers have piqued the interest of private capital markets participants struggling to maintain consistency and order amidst geopolitical tumult. With almost half of U.S. … Continued

DealCloud Differentiator: Dashboards


Dashboards – probably the most popular buzzword used by software companies to describe how simple and easy to consume data is from their platform. What’s not to like? Dashboards can roll up vital information, they can surface information you might not be aware of, and they look cool.   The problem with Dashboards in most … Continued

Building a Stronger Investor Relations Machine

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Tasked with crafting a compelling story — about fund performance, portfolio company enhancement, and strategic value — IR and fundraising professionals struggle with synthesizing scattered data streams. When it comes time to document historical conversations, fundraising information, deal pipelines, or other relevant data, they’re left searching through spreadsheets and email chains.   Dependent on old … Continued

It’s Time For Real Estate Investors to Recall “The Ones That Got Away”


This article was originally published by the LA Business Journal. To read the original, click here.   Active real estate investors have been frantically scouring hundreds of properties online each day and thousands per month, only visiting a select few – because Covid-19 has, of course, wreaked havoc on the typically hands-on profession.   So … Continued

5 Ways Deal Software Increases Security for Capital Markets Firms


Recently, a global bank and a global law firm made headlines when employees of each colluded to execute insider trading that netted them hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the growing volume and complexity of data, it is surprising that we don’t see more of these headlines. Every time a piece of sensitive data moves … Continued

3 Software Hacks That Help Fund Managers Source Better Deals


The way fund managers source deals and manage relationships has been forced to evolve as the deal landscape continues to change and competition increases. DealCloud’s fund manager software has the ability to cater and meet the unique needs of each firm while managing complex relationships and deal structures of the capital markets. In the past … Continued

DealCloud Differentiator: User Experience (UX)


The DealCloud team is continuously innovating to make our product as indispensable as possible, and this quarter we made some big enhancements in user experience, reporting, automation, and data management.   At DealCloud, data is at the heart of what we do. It’s what informs our solutions and has made our platform a vital tool … Continued

How a Real Estate Investment CRM Can Improve Property Management


Real estate investors face considerable challenges that are unique to their industry. Keeping everyone at the firm connected, utilizing a single tool to communicate with clients—these factors make finding the best real estate CRM taxing. Many real estate investment management softwares don’t offer configurable workflow management, deal and relationship management, and team collaboration capabilities, all … Continued