At professional and financial services firms, relationships are paramount to business development and marketing efforts. That’s why DealCloud gives partners and professionals easy, centralized access to email marketing insights that strengthen day-to-day interactions with key relationships to help source and win deals.


With our marketing solution DealCloud Dispatch, professionals can create and send marketing emails to a segmented list of their contacts, and then view engagement activity, performance metrics, and more directly within DealCloud.


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DealCloud Dispatch features and benefits

Professional and financial services firms require marketing automation tools that are effective, practical, and easy to use without excess training or specialized roles. DealCloud Dispatch has these attributes and more. 

With DealCloud Dispatch, firms can:

  • Create and manage professional email templates that drive brand consistency and awareness
  • Build targeted recipient lists and sequenced email marketing campaigns directly in DealCloud
  • Analyze engagement metrics and see campaign engagement within the context of relationships and deals


DealCloud Dispatch overview:

Email marketing

Using DealCloud Dispatch, professional and financial services firms can more efficiently engage and nurture their relationships with sequenced email campaigns, as well as keep non-DealCloud users informed with templated reports.

Custom forms and web pages

DealCloud Dispatch users can produce custom campaign webpages and integrated forms to seamlessly sync campaign engagement and form submission data directly back to DealCloud.

Advanced reporting and analytics

DealCloud Dispatch unifies email marketing campaign data and reporting analytics directly within DealCloud.

Contact our team of financial and professional services technologists to learn more about our marketing automation features or to schedule your financial and professional services marketing software demo.

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Learn how to build and implement a successful marketing and communications program at your firm

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DealCloud differentiators

Using Dispatch, DealCloud’s financial and professional services marketing software, your firm will have access to features not found in generic marketing automation software. We understand that firm professionals have unique and specific needs, driving us to create Dispatch and update the add-on with modern features and tools. Our financial and professional services marketing platform lets you email the contacts in your existing DealCloud CRM, eliminating the need for multiple sources of record. In other marketing automation software, contact data quickly becomes out of date and list-building filters are limited. In addition, since data security is imperative for financial and professional services firms, we created Dispatch to include built-in security, ensuring that the data always remains protected. Other advantages of using Dispatch over a generic marketing automation software include push-button reports, offline mode, and more.

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Capitalize on every marketing and business development initiative

To compete in the crowded financial and professional services markets, firms must announce their successes, advertise their strike zone, and establish their credibility at every opportunity. With our financial and professional services marketing software, Dispatch, you can send sophisticated and branded communications to your key institutional relationships — including deal announcements, industry analysis/reports, press releases, fundraising communications, and much more—next to our advanced CRM and financial and professional services pipeline management tools.


Dispatch is more than distribution: In our software, you’ll collect the engagement metrics on each campaign and better understand the ROI of your marketing activities. Start by sending:


  • Deal announcements
  • Industry analyses and reports
  • Company press releases and announcements (automate this!)
  • Fundraising communications
  • Promotional emails
  • New hire announcements
  • Event and webinar invitations
  • Holiday cards
  • Regular news letters

An inside look into Dispatch Pages: attract and acquire the information that drives business

It’s difficult to attract attention, so when you do, it’s vital to collect the information you need. With Dispatch Pages, users can design, customize, and launch unique landing pages and embed webforms that capture the details you need to power your next event, marketing initiative, or campaign.

We understand that firm professionals are always on the go and need a simple, easy-to-use way to communicate and engage with clients and prospects. Dispatch Pages can be accessed from anywhere (and on any device!) at the click of a button and once landing pages or web forms are deployed, all submissions and inputs received flow directly into DealCloud, streamlining the way new information is gathered and distributed into the system. Submissions captured in Pages and webforms flow seamlessly into DealCloud to be capitalized on in real-time.

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DealCloud’s marketing software, Dispatch, can help to fuel new business development opportunities. Using our marketing platform, you are able to have a single source of truth for all contacts and engagement data and use that relationship data to inform marketing and communications decisions. Since all marketing data lives in DealCloud alongside deals, fundraising, and similar data points, it’s easy to show which contacts who engaged with an email campaign went on to generate revenue for the firm. As a result, Dispatch helps firms get more out of your marketing efforts by incorporating marketing data into your existing day-to-day workflows while quantifying the impact that marketing provides on revenue. If your firm still doesn’t “get” the value of marketing, consider using Dispatch to make it clear. To learn more about how Dispatch can add value to your firm, schedule a demo.

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“With DealCloud, we have a solution built specifically for our needs giving a single, all-encompassing view of clients, people networks, and prospects.”

Dan Surowiec

“By giving us a centralized view of our relationships and highlighting opportunities, DealCloud allows us to continue our history of successfully partnering with portfolio companies and investors through all market cycles.”

Greg Racz

“My colleagues and I carry out our marketing and deal management functions on DealCloud. DealCloud is a powerful and versatile solution for our team. We researched several alternatives and, after one DealCloud demonstration, we found a truly superior solution for managing our pipeline and our marketing initiatives.”

Rich Anderson

“Blue River has decided to deploy DealCloud to have clear and instant visibility on our data. Allowing us to set up processes which track the success of our deals in a coherent way of both buy-side and sell-side. We have been able to streamline our outreach while setting up appropriate notifications allowing the team to work in an even more efficient manner.”

Bryan Berent