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In today’s competitive investment landscape, monitoring the progress of every deal is a necessity. Market forces and increasing LP expectations demand that firms get better at moving deals from stage to stage faster, and with more precision. Investing in DealCloud’s deal pipeline management software is one of the best ways to avoid an unexpected deal failure, so the most successful dealmakers leverage real-time data to guide their day-to-day actions. Without a single source of truth for this data, dealmakers are left with questions, confusion, and disorganization.


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Designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions within the capital markets

Take control of your firm’s deal pipeline with our robust pipeline management software. Capital market firms who have invested in and deployed our software have been able to focus on the deals and relationships that matter. With vertical-specific technology designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions with many participants, DealCloud has a strong track record of helping firms transform the way they approach every stage of a deal, from origination to execution.


Because our deal management software comes equipped with traditional CRM capabilities, we allow dealmakers to track and manage deal flow in the same place where relationships with individuals and other firms are managed. With DealCloud’s purpose-built and flexible technology layer, gathering insights across these seemingly disparate data sets is easy to learn and easy to adopt into your daily workflows.


On that note, we know that capital markets firms need to act quickly in order to win deals, and that’s why our platform comes equipped with one-click report downloads. This makes it possible for everyone in your organization to have accurate, up-to-date, and robust summaries of every deal as it moves through the pipeline towards closing.



Deal pipeline management software features & benefits

DealCloud enables financial services firms (including private equity, investment banks, credit firms, venture capital, real estate, and more) to configure their unique instances of the platform to adhere to their existing dealmaking process, instead of forcing them to adapt to a generic workflow. This is a key difference between DealCloud and other deal pipeline management software solutions – we make it easy to manage your deal pipeline the way your firm wants and needs to.


DealCloud also helps dealmakers streamline the pipeline management process by taking their real-life deal process and bringing it to life with the powerful combination of software and data. We want every investor, banker, venture capitalist, lender, and other dealmakers to have an exact replication of their day-to-day dealmaking processes in our software.


More specifically, we allow dealmakers to categorize their deals by industry, stage, owner, etc. The DealCloud software enables capital markets professionals to visualize their relationship and deal data using a powerful mix of bar, chart, bubble, and other charts and graphs. When visualizing tabular data regarding deals, professionals can leverage DealCloud’s interactive data grids, which allow for users to click on any field and navigate into the data even deeper.


We know that updating your deal pipeline data can be tedious, and that’s why our platform allows your pipeline to be updated and easily managed through your everyday activities, such as phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. For example, if you send/receive a letter of intent (LOI) by email, you can simply open the DealCloud Add In within your instance of Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, and change the deal status to “LOI” instead of “IOI.” The best part is that in order to do so, you never need to leave your Inbox! After that update is completed, all of your dashboards and reports will automatically update to reflect that change.

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Feature overview

Fully Configurable Workflows

Most firms have a standard process for managing a live transaction. Let that process take shape using our flexible deal management software platform that can adapt to meet your unique deal pipeline management workflows.

Faster Due Diligence

When your deal pipeline is properly managed, it’s easier to move deals through the due diligence process. Stay compliant and organized with a centralized platform for your transactions.

Transparency Across Teams

Stop wasting time asking your colleagues for the latest deal update or searching your email inbox for information. Leveraging DealCloud’s technology encourages dealmakers to share information for the greater good of the firm, and so that deals close faster.

Single Source of Truth

Managing several disparate software platforms that all have unique purposes is time-intensive and inefficient. By connecting your software to a single source of truth like DealCloud, you provide your entire firm with a centralized, authoritative location for the firm’s institutional knowledge.

Contact our team of experienced and skilled implementation specialists to get started, or request to schedule a demo of our deal pipeline management tool.

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DealCloud differentiators

DealCloud was built by private equity and investment banking professionals who understand the industry, the transactions, and the complexities of the business. They knew that generic software platforms that were built for a traditional sales model would never meet the unique needs of the world’s most sophisticated investors, advisors, and lenders. In fact, deal pipeline management softwares that are built for a different business models don’t even cut it for small, boutique firms. Generic (or horizontal) technology was simply not built for the financial services industry, and therefore cannot flex to meet the unique needs of dealmakers.

Over the past 10 years, DealCloud has grown significantly and has had the opportunity to heavily invest in the technology platform’s user interface, user experience, and core functionality. These investments made into the product have allowed us to grow rapidly and to serve a rapidly growing number of deal professionals across a diverse range of asset classes. With every unique firm we work with, our understanding of the industry’s complexity grows, and that allows us to adapt the product to solve the industry’s pain points.

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Real-time dashboards, reports, and notifications

The DealCloud platform enables firms to have insight into exactly where all deals and interactions stand at any given moment — and makes it easier to understand what next steps need to be taken.

Custom dashboards, reports, and notifications can be configured at the individual user, team, or firm level, and can be updated with just a few clicks. Having these focused, personalized views in our deal pipeline management software not only helps junior team members focus on the details, but also enables senior leadership to see the big picture at any time.

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Keeping a watchful eye on the progress of each deal your firm pursues is a necessity in today’s complex investment landscape. Deals do fall apart – but diligent pipeline management and firm-wide transparency on transactions as they move throughout the funnel is the best way to avoid unintended consequences. Limited partners (LPs) and other stakeholders expect a well-run process, and your firm needs the right tools to be in place in order to deliver on those promises and meet those expectations.


DealCloud’s technology provides dealmakers with increased visibility into every deal and every deal cycle. Our deal pipeline management software makes it easy to leverage both proprietary and third-party data to steer business development, relationship management, and transaction administration activities firm-wide. Don’t let your deal process be sloppy – invest in a best-of-breed pipeline management solution that will keep your firm organized and closing deals with velocity.


“As a technology-focused investment bank, it is important to us to have a strong technology infrastructure for our internal operations and deal-making activities. DealCloud has quickly become our go-to solution for our M&A and financing pipeline, deal execution, and client relationship management efforts, allowing us to shift away from time-consuming and inefficient spreadsheets. DealCloud’s technology also helps us collaborate across our firm by sharing our institutional knowledge and expanding our industry expertise so that we can deliver best in class outcomes for our clients.”

Wayne Kawarabayashi

“When searching for a provider of a platform to manage our Private Equity deal and pipeline, one criteria was to find a platform that is simple and provides an immediate overview. The DealCloud platform allows us to focus the time spend on assessing investment opportunities and increase pipeline transparency throughout the entire lifecycle. The DealCloud platform has made our whole team more efficient in a world that relies on more remote work and interactions.”

Christen Estrup

“We needed a quality off-the-shelf product for managing our deal pipeline and coordinate processes among and within deal teams. DealCloud delivers the right level of functionality, and the flexibility we require to manage the dynamic selection funnel and investment work stream characteristic in making direct investments in private equity and venture capital.”

Gregory Lindae

“We have a large group of people at J2 who devote a significant amount of time to sourcing and developing acquisition opportunities. As a result, we have a robust pipeline of deals in many different stages across many different geographies and in many different sectors of the TMT space. DealCloud has been critical in helping us to organize, monitor and manage this pipeline.”

Sean Alford

“As the private equity market continues to grow and evolve, it is more important than ever to employ disciplined and proactive business development practices. DealCloud’s singular focus on the investment community has resulted in a platform that is tailor made to substantially enhance our pipeline and relationship management processes and facilitate seamless collaboration across the firm.”

Townsend Bancroft

“The DealCloud platform allows us to focus the time spent on assessing investment opportunities and increase pipeline transparency throughout the entire deal lifecycle. DealCloud’s technology has improved our processes and made the whole team more efficient.”

Oliver Thum

“DealCloud is great at helping us manage our active pipeline and prospective deals. The added level of value lies in our enhanced ability to report on and analyze relationships with intermediaries and the ideas they have brought us.”


Frank Winslow

“Traditional CRM platforms are based on the sales department pipeline model, which doesn’t align with the way leading law firms like Baker McKenzie operate to develop client relationships. With DealCloud, we will have a solution built specifically for our needs giving a single, all-encompassing view of clients, people networks, and prospects.”


Dan Surowiec

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