Data now available through DealCloud DataCortex

SourceScrub and DealCloud DataCortex:
Supplement your CRM with industry-leading acquisition technology


By integrating the most up-to-date company, contact, and conference metrics from SourceScrub through DataCortex, firms using DealCloud can supplement their own proprietary CRM data with the SourceScrub dataset. Firms leveraging this integration save time by reducing the burden of manual data entry, get more value from every conference and trade show they attend, and strengthen their acquisition and business development pipelines.


SourceScrub provides actionable market data to private capital and M&A firms by leveraging their innovative web-scraping and human verified datasets. By scrubbing conference and industry lists, as well as buyer guides, SourceScrub equips time-pressed deal professionals with access to data on more than 1 million companies, 1.1 million contacts, and 28,000 sources. By strategically leveraging this exclusive data in DealCloud through DataCortex, our clients can ease the burden of data entry and put an end to disconnectivity between platforms. Together, we make it easy for deal professionals to uncover actionable insights and get the most from costly industry event attendance and sponsorship.


Fully configurable to fit your team’s data and workflow requirements, SourceScrub data, when synced in DealCloud through DataCortex, can be mapped to match your firm’s proprietary data and taxonomy.


The benefits of integrating SourceScrub via DataCortex include:


  • Easily identify conference leads in advance
  • Enhance data quality and verification
  • Better data quality for reporting and analytics
  • More efficient proprietary deal sourcing
  • Increased discovery of new acquisition targets
  • Proactively updated company data


Automatically import essential company and conference data directly into DealCloud


Your firm’s proprietary database is stronger when it’s verified by a trusted source. DataCortex enables users to search for a company or list of companies in SourceScrub, match those into DealCloud, and automatically sync any available data points, drastically reducing the time it would take to manually enter data. And better yet, you can do all of this without leaving the DealCloud platform.

SourceScrub saves capital markets firms time and energy by identifying the most efficient counterparties to work with, such as acquisition targets, intermediaries, sponsors, or conference connections. Combined with the relationship and pipeline management tools found in DealCloud, the results can lead to big wins for capital markets professionals.


If you are…


A capital markets firm leveraging SourceScrub and DealCloud already;

A deal professional seeking stronger proprietary sourcing information;

Looking to get more out of every conference and trade show you attend; or

Ready to eliminate time spent on manual data entry…


DealCloud DataCortex powered by SourceScrub is the solution you need to work smarter.

What is DealCloud DataCortex?


Dealmakers need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market in order to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows capital markets professionals to manage proprietary and third-party data in one unified platform and empowers them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.

The solution is fully integrated into the DealCloud Platform, so firms can easily run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies in the same hub where they originate deals and manage relationships. Furthermore, DealCloud DataCortex enables our clients to make critical decisions more quickly and identify meaningful opportunities that were previously unknown.

Every day, our clients use DataCortex to maximize their existing investments in technology by saving time and effort switching between platforms, uncovering intelligent insights into their target markets, identifying the best industry participants to work with, and much more.

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“We leverage DealCloud’s data solutions to see who is attending various trade shows and
conferences, and to set up meetings while we’re there. It’s helped us increase our efficiency, meet more people, and deepen our relationships.”

Phil Olson

“Capital is still a commodity and the market remains competitive as ever. SourceScrub provides investment professionals and bankers with relevant private company information that they would otherwise spend countless hours gathering themselves. Even if you aren’t a ‘sourcing shop,’ you can utilize SourceScrub simply to identify other assets in a space allowing you to build market landscapes and evaluate an opportunity in real time.”

Tyler Fair

“As a midmarket lender, it’s imperative that we maintain strong relationships with both the buy- and sell-side. DealCloud DataCortex gives us a birds-eye view of ongoing developments in the market so that we can streamline and focus our deal sourcing and business development efforts.”

Jeremy Simmons

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